Satsang (The Holy Company)

satsung gurgaon

In our Scriptures, its have been said that , " We are what, our company is." Satsang is very important in our life. Association with spiritual minded people; company of wise people is Satsang. Satsang is remind you that you are already who you are. Satsang reminds you: Go back to where everything arises!

Sunday is the day for Satsang in our Divine Life Studio with Sri Rakesh Premnand Om. Its spiritual discourse and sacred gathering where everybody is invited for Talk Session, Story Telling, Discussion, Kirtan, Mantra Chanting, Dhyan & Meditation and laugh together followed by Tea & snacks.

It is kind of refreshing change from your day to day life and busy schedule. People come and sit together, they discuss on various topics related to their personal, professional and mental problems or matters, they make new contact and network among people. This kind of gathering is very important in today's life as this kind of set up instantly lift your mood and spirit.

Our Satsung is right combination of spiritual & modern gathering and it is our USP as well. Come and be part of our SATSANG with Sri Rakesh Premanand Om.