Mantra Chanting

Mantra- A Mantra is a mystical energy encased in a sound structure. It is the divine power manifesting in a sound body. Upon concentration and repetition of a given mantra, its energy is elicited and takes form. Each Mantra is constructed from combination of sounds derived from the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Sanskrit is also known as Devanagari, or language of Gods. The ancient sages who were attuned to a higher level of consciousness were well aware of the inherent power contained in sound and they utilized combinations of sounds to set up specific vibrations.

Chanting- Japa Yoga or Chanting is the practice by which the power contained within Mantra is applied. Japa Meditation is a method of channeling ones consciousness from the lowest to the highest level of pure thought. Repeat verbally or mentally a Mantra lifts one in to the telepathic stage and beyond to the transcendental. One does not enjoy bliss, but become bliss itself. This is true experience of meditation.

The power of sound is tremendous. In addition to image and form , it can generate ideas, emotions and experience. Mantra Chanting or Japa is one of the most direct ways of Self-realization, or universal consciousness. It removes the dirt of mind, the anger, greed, lust and other impurities that hide the light within. Japa Meditation that is done with faith, devotion and purity, augment the power of the aspirants , bestowing on him the virtues and powers of the Mantra's presiding deity.