Law of attraction

Law of Attraction Gurgaon

The Law of Attraction is simple physics: like attracts like. You attracted whatever you now have in your life - but not necessarily on purpose. Can you be more deliberate about what you're manifesting? Your thoughts start the energy moving; your focus directs that energy; and that energy never returns empty - it always brings back exactly what you sent out. If you notice your thoughts and watch your words, can you redirect them both and change your life? Yes - and this takes some practice. Let's share stories about the large and small moments of attracting, and see how we can be more in control of the life we really want.

Learn techniques to relax, open to the universe, create positive affirmation, self love and contentment in all aspects of your life. Begin to manifest your goals with the law of attraction. We will explore yoga and meditation, various exercises and discussion. You will notice if you are expressing what you actually want and how your energy is focused; from there we will refocus energy in the direction of your dreams.

Many people are becoming interested in the Law of Attraction and other similar New Age notions such as “we create our own reality”. These notions are truly part of Natural Law, a larger body of information that requires years of study to fully comprehend. Therefore much is lost in confusion and thrown to the wayside while trying to boil this information down into a bite-sized bundle. I’d like to clear things up for those whose minds have been swimming around this topic as they bounce from yoga class to yoga class, book to book, and workshop to workshop trying to wrap their minds around the Law of Attraction.