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*Speak Your Heart Out.    *Don't Supress Express.    *Don't Hesitate Meditate.    *Inhale Love Exhale Hate.    *Unfold Your Past Present Future    

Discover Yourself

Reiki Healing

"A Healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being".Reiki based on the idea that... Read More

Chakra Healing & Balancing

Chakras are seven energy centres of spiritual power of human body. Often blocked chakra energy leads towards illness. Through specific yoga asanas & meditation practice chakras can healed & balanced for physical & spiritual energy & well- being....Read More

Corporate Happiness Program

In Corporate Happiness Program, we offer variety of Yoga Asanas, Mudras, Meditation, Pranayam (breathing Exercise) and Talk Therapy for relief from all kind of corporate trauma to improve better work efficiency calm body & mind better work efficiency....Read More

Our Programs

Our interactive programs increase health, awareness and engagement to improve well-being to deliver measurable results in overall health. Our programs are very useful & outlines the essential points for successful health programs.

Tantra Yoga

While most of us think of sex when we think of Tantra Yoga, this ancient practice is actually a powerful combination of asana, mantra, mudra, and bandha (energy lock) and chakra (energy centre)... Read More

Love Light Meditation

Through Love light meditation, person can quickly feel uplifted. Doing Love light healing meditation on a regular basis increases your awareness of yourself as Light. This unlocks our natural healing... Read More

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the Yoga of Action. It is the path chosen primarily by those of an outgoing nature. It purifies the heart by teaching you to act selflessly, without thought of gain or reward.... Read More

Past Life Regression Therapy

Unfold your past preset future- (Past life regression)Past life regression is a therapy that works with the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is based on the principles of cause and effect (karma) and the theory that your reactions and the way... Read More

Yoga Retreat

Sivananda Corporate Yoga presents a Traditional YOGA Retreat. Experience the simple Village & Ashram Life Designed for you, your spouse and your family, an extended week-end programme of a Yoga Vacation @ 6603,...Read More

Weekend With Rakesh Premanand Om

This is program conceptualized by Rakeah Premanand Om, he says that you come & spend two days or weekend with me for various meditative healing & Therapy sessio.The session includes Talks, Discussion, Kiratn... Read More

Corporate Yoga

Sivananda Corporate Yoga provides you yoga session in the work place to reduce stress & increase energy.Corporate Yoga is great way to improve morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group... Read More

Yoga at Your Place

We offer personalized Yoga & meditation session at your place also for individuals & group at convenient time and comfort ability of your place.Our Experienced trainer conduct session at your home at a mutually convenient time.

Yoga At Our Studio

Daily running Yoga & Meditation programs are available at our yoga studio situated at the heart of Gurgaon city.
1302, La-Lagune Apartment, Sec-54, Gurgaon
MON- WED- FRI 6.30 to 7.30 AM
TUE- THUR-SAT 7.30 to 9.00 AM


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